Monday, September 21, 2009


Taste test your cyanide samplers, it's Sick Little Suicide #10 - "dROCKomics," in which I scoop the YDN!

It's a battle of the black--who will win: rock or art?

Easter Eggs: Howell's hairdo and signature "yo" (interestingly, I saw him cellphoning on my way to 202 York to drop this thing off), panels from this comic and this comic, and a hairdo jacked from some dude I saw sitting in SSS.

Fun Facts: This suicide was inspired by a YDN magazine article called "Can Yale Music Scene Save Yale's Music Scene?" and I added the obvious personal angle: can anyone save Yale Comics scene? Also in the most recent issue of the YDNM, you'll find Loide's phenomenal work. I say I "scooped" the YDN because apparently they're doing a feature on the story this Friday.

Baa: I'm scared of the dark and I don't like loud, abrupt noises.

Support your friendly neighborhood Yale bands (the good ones) today:
The Rollover Motive
Great Caesar
The Sandy Gill Affair



Anonymous said...

the article is great... do you know if it's online anywhere?

Reuxben said...

Sorry, woulda linked to it rather than to the general YDNM section of the YDN site, but the latest issue isn't online (yet?).

Email YDN Editor-in-Chief and ask him to put it online. And while you're at it, DEMAND that he put YDN comics online, too, as he promised; as you can see from the penciled draft, I cut the part about websites from the piece for length, but I really can't understand/stand how they refuse to put YDN comics online.

In fact, go down to 202 York and walk right up into his office, it's on the second floor. Tell him to stop ripping off people who work freaking hard in service of his publication. Tell him to put all content online TODAY. Shake your head disapprovingly at him, too.

Do it.


scott said...

LOVE it reuxben.
just know that I always check out your comix!

if it isnt a capella or saving the world, yalies are too damn lazy for it...

also, I love any opp to yell at tom kaplan. ill do this.