Monday, September 14, 2009


You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!

Zero Like Me #28: Safety School
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Easter Eggs: "Eliot" in panel 1, "Yale" in panel 2.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is LC, or as the Japanese probably call it, erre shiiii!

Baa: Everyone at my high school was impressed when I was serious about applying to Stanford. And then once I got in everyone thought that's where I was going. And then I had to explain that there's this place called Yale, it's like Harvard, but more Luigi--that's where I'm going. They still think I'm going to Stanford.

It didn't occur to set this comic in the rain until it finally rained last Friday. I love the rain, but it was even more perfect symbolically for this comic. And I really like the symbolism in this one--the obscured "lux et," Nyao's shifting, the insecurity of the umbrella, panel 3's ambiguous rain drops--everything really clicked!

This one goes out to B.R., who is probably the only one who could have read this comic correctly.


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