Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Be a man, Zero, bottle it all up!
[Update: See Top for Final Art]

Zero Like Me #29: Cancer
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Easter Eggs: Memorial to Mrs. Lang (plus two flowers for each year she was my teacher), and "Yale" in panel 1.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is the JE swing. I saw an interview on Youtube where Gerard Way talked about his song, "Cancer," and how it is about how anything can be a cancer--mental, physical illness, smoking, etc. So that also played a part in this comic, which is about how lives are important and it sucks that they are taken for granted so easily and often.

Baa: Although this comic is closely tied to the loss of my own real-life physics teacher to cancer, this comic is a response to the unfortunate Annie Le case. Death is so outrageously sudden and shattering, and there's no way to know what this means unless you've actually lived through someone's death, especially someone you thought would have so much more time.

Since the news was so immense, I had to postpone today's scheduled comic, but we'll get back on schedule now. And I'm really excited for an upcoming storyline I've been working on--we're introducing a new character! Her design finally clicked last night.


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