Monday, September 28, 2009


Sometimes you just gotta bust some squeedlyspooches.

[Update: Final art at top.]

Zero Like Me #34: Bulldog Tales Pt.1 - Hang In There Baby
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Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Squeedlyspooch. Shout out to the 'Stache. GC.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is a weak Woodbridge Hall. There was a slight issue about using the Prez and Provost, and whether or not to use their real names. I was totally against using their real names because this is the first episode in a story arc that is an homage to the Trudeau, and he called President Kingman Brewster "King" back then, so I wanted to keep the tradition alive of giving our men silly pseudonyms. A dude in the YDN office, sounded like his name was Borges(!), suggested "McLevin" and I started cracking up! Perfect!

Baa: Trudeau started at the YDN 40 years ago, junior year, like me. Our comics editors have the same name. We both also draw at the Record. We're both in Scroll and--dang.

Anyway, this tribute to the Trudeau will carry over throughout the week and into the Herald, so I hope you check it out. Or for our Canadian visitors, please check it oot. This one is just set up, so do hang in

Final art coming soon,


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