Friday, September 25, 2009


Sun's out, puns out, run, shout, wear your buns out; one scout done spout, "fun's 'bout" (bring the guns out).

Zero Like Me #33
Zero Romance #3:
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Easter Eggs: Green Monkeys, Romance 3 on blackboard, plant monsters, Conrad, bore hez, Apocalypse Nyao costume, FB01, "Yale" in notebook, plus those stupid summer scarves feem-yalies are wearing (please stop).

Fun Facts: Today's setting is William L. Harkness Hall, or "DublAYTCH" (as non-losers call WLH). Spanish classes have an insanely high female to male student ratio, especially the more advanced you get, thus the female Gung-Ho-Spanisher.

Baa: I hate Spanish class, and wanted to study Japanese for four years, but took Spanish for my foreign language requirement because my mom insisted, plus I sorta would feel guilty learning another language before Spanish cuz...well, you know. As a literature major, I have to take three classes in an untranslated foreign language, so I got screwed into taking 3 more Spanish classes. Lotta 3s today...

I'd bet most take Spanish reluctantly for some requirement, even at the advanced levels. Hearing about a Gung-Ho-Spanisher is so wow, it's like hearing a murderer confess.

Good things about Spanish...? Oh! You will always meet incredibly beautiful people. Guaranteed. It's written in the Blue Book. Check it. Plus you also meet diverse people in the pre-400 classes cuz there's always new people realizing they must take a language.

In conclusion: Nobody will admit Borges is overrated as poop. This frustrates and confuses me.


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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud when I read this piece.

(I like Borges ... )