Friday, September 11, 2009


After trying a bunch of strict narrative-comics at the Herald, I wanted to try a "Sunday" comic sort of thing for Zero Like Me, so here it goes...

UPDATE: Final art at top

Zero Like Me #27
Zero Romance #1: Oh Yeah
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Easter Eggs: Dedication to Mrs. Lang in panel 1.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is Durfee Hall, entryway C. Nyao's named for my cat, Mr. Feeney, who ran away this past summer; I tried to model her cat ears after his, but now I just have to guess. Zero's last name inspired here and here.

Baa: Man, I loved Farnam. Eff bee oh wun.

The goal of this series is to have another avenue for ZLM, but also to keep my comics-page conditioning fresh. I want to get experimental like Winsor McCay, even open up to stories between the Herald and the YDN, and also to deliver as great experiences as I can muster.

Not running a full story was a really difficult decision to make--I wrote two or three series over the summer, but I talked myself out of each of them. I even considered redrawing Darling Find, cuz it was probably my most successful one, but I cringe at the artwork now, and it would be a neat call back to old times. Anyway, I hope this "series" will deliver all I hope it to, although I will be cutting it a lot closer since I don't have a full 13 episodes planned out exactly, and will likely rely on the main series to inform this sub-series.

But anyway, the atrocious jack kelly is back in the saddle, too. He's packing "peakaboo," which looks like this:

And he also presents the utterly foul, "buy a flowuh mistuh," too:

I have high hopes, but we'll see what happens. I hate that no one reads the Herald, so I feel like I'm wasting my time at the publication...I could go three times a week at the YDN no problem if I spent my Thursday-afternoon/nights-Friday-mornings YDNing.



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