Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These are the weekly comics series I did for the Yale Herald.

Series 5:
Zero Like Me: Zero Romance
Fall 2009 - Spring 2010
A suicidal Yale boy meets a cheery alien girl in the "Sunday edition" of the YDN series Zero Like Me, which it is independent of and in league with.

Series 4:
Monsta Crash
Spring 2009
A farm girl in the big city unwittingly becomes a Monsta Crasher with a stowaway monsta.

Series 3:
Quarters Crisis
Fall 2008
A boy finds a magic, quarter-spewing bill, but its owner wants the relic back and the boy dead.

Series 2:
Darling Find
Spring 2008
The Darling Find's most prized curio pilfered, a girl must recover it to earn employment!

Series 1:
Lighter Light
Spring 2007 - Fall 2007
Unrelated comics on various flights and frights of fancy.

I spent my Thursday afternoons all the way until Friday about 8am working on these. I never missed a week, and yet I can't help wondering if I in fact actually missed quite a lot.


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