Friday, July 24, 2009


Continuing from last time, this is the second week of Spring Break spent at JE, where I anonymously tagged a new whiteboard every day until school resumed.

So it was St. Patrick's day, and enjoyed a chocolate milkshake and a slice of pizza. That was the single greatest day of purchasing I had all break, having survived on a loaf of bread and water from the bathroom sink.

Saving money is Serious Business.

Anyway, this board had some blue message on it; I think CL is a crayon.

This board had a Goku and stuff on it, so I countered with a pikachu.

Fun Facts: I was voted "Most Pikachu" Freshman Year in my suitemates' end of the year Mosts awards for our suite.

Baa: This was basically a joke joke award because my suitemates didn't know me well enough to come up with "real" joke awards after I won Most Quiet or whatever, although I did like earning the "Most Sneaky Mean Comment" award ("Ok, someone give him a push.")

Ho ho ho.

I was drawing and scanning in CT Hall late into the night, so to meet my midnight deadline for whiteboarding every day before midnight, I bolted over to draw at nearby McClellan Hall.

If you are in JE 2013, McClellan is where you'll be living Junior Year because despite what they tell you Freshman Year, Yale Hates You.

I love pairing frowns with smiles, like the comedy/tragedy masks, so on the board across from the above, I drew his complement.

By "Yale Hates You," I mean that you're getting annexed. Watch Colleges 13 and 14 not end annexing. I would be all for them if they made annexation as silly a cruel memory as Pierson's mascot being the slave, but if it adds students and we still have forced annexation, then 13/14's an unforgivable mistake.

We go to Yale to go to Yale, not to go to New Haven.

Back at JE, I explored the empty husk of the college and found a hallway of pretty much vacant boards.

Couldn't think of anything, so I went with a kind of alien rat-dog.

I was thinking of how my cousins used to have a Scottish terrier.

Boston's the way to go, though...terrier-wise.

The problem with whiteboards is that they're not as easy to get into the swing of an idea, as paper or computer-drawing is. So it's easy to get stuck on a dud idea.

Fun Facts: I took a lot of photos of people Freshman Year, but pretty much stopped afterward. But as my photography declined, my drawing increased.

Baa: I hate having my picture taken, yet I often have to photograph myself for model references when a mirror doesn't work for the pose...

The big finale, based on how my dog is often in the way around the house, and we have to scream at him to move. Well, I don't, but others do.

In any case, watching TV is better than staring at a dog, right?

I should be at Comic-Con...dangit.

I completely blew it.


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