Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Thanks to my combination of cheapness and my desire to be at Yale for as long as possible, I stayed on campus during Spring Break, deciding that every day I'd hit one of JE's whiteboards. Here's week one's adventures.

I wanted to be as spontaneous as possible with these, just pack a dry erase marker, find an open whiteboard, and draw. My three rules were: tag once daily before midnight, don't tag it if the suite seems occupied, and do not be seen.

First up was "my" suite. Easy. The only guy living there was a total hermit, if he existed at all.

Fun Facts: I was going for Kamigawa sorta.

Next was the suite across the hall.

I later learned that at least one person was still living there over the break, so I erased it, quite happily, actually.

It's kind of ugly. But it does Remind me of someBody I used to know...

Next a suite downstairs.

Easter Eggs: Death Star, Millennium Falcon, TIE fighters, Star Destroyers, "my nightmare."

Fun Facts: Not really my nightmare, but I was scared of aliens for a long time.

Baa: I'm afraid of the dark.

And across the hall from yesterday for day four.

Easter Eggs: An apple from either Paradise Lost or Death Note.

Fun Facts: They say Superman's the greatest!

Baa: But I disagree.

Entryway A sucked about using their whiteboards, even A21, who had a 4 color marker set hanging unused off their board! I found B to be the opposite: theirs were mostly already taken up.

Leaving my entryway, I found the emptiest B board I could, which had a guy on it already, so I just did some tweaks.

Man, it's ugly. Kinda reminds me of Sam Waterston.

Easter Eggs: "Pablo was he" references a name I liked to introduce myself as Freshman Year.

Fun Facts: It's supposed to seem like someone defaced my tag.

Baa: I like introducing myself with fake names if I don't expect to ever be named/remembered afterward or if I don't think the other person really cares.

This was a fun one. It had a grid on it, so I turned it into a game of breakout.

Entryway C was fun to draw in because it was still crawling with people, so I had to really dance around them in order to draw unnoticed.

I felt like a real little tagger, dodgin' the coppers and stuff, except I wasn't destroying a building for "art."

Fun Facts: Tagging where it's literally JUST a dude's name isn't art.

To close the week, I made some blue squiggles into a little sky scene.

Fun Facts: I don't normally draw my clouds so bubbley.

Baa: I try to draw my clouds like Eiichiro Oda does.

Ok, so that was week one of my first Spring Break spent at home--Yale.


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captain brushpen said...

Oi! I dig this project. A lot. Creative, cathartic, and awesome. :)