Friday, October 30, 2009


We put the Boo! in "boo-hoo."

Zero Like Me #47
Zero Romance #8:
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Easter Eggs: Today's setting is outside Woolsey/Commons, and the references are to some Yale secret societies. The captions come from Mad Max movie posters and stuff.

Fun Facts: November 7, 2011, posted from Japan, this comic has finally been updated. Not my best work, but man, I was in one heck of a bind when I drew this (see the original post's text below for more). Alexis Blight is representing Skull and Bones and her design seemed to have gone over best.

Baa: I never wanted Skull and Bones, just Scroll and Key. But no dice. Ugh.

[update: final art, updated text, at top.]

Technically still haven't missed a deadline...right? And if this Frankensteinian comic isn't a horror, then what is? I hate you too.

They pushed my deadline up even earlier since a couple of them had a field trip to the New York Times early Friday morning, so I had a sinking suspicion I wasn't getting this comic done in time.

Knowing it was likely not going to be ready for print, as Herald Comics Editor, I got so depressed I wanted to cut myself. But then jack kelly showed up and figured out how I could make it to print after all.

Stupid midterm garbage is making it impossible to breathe/draw so I can't even finish pencils, but the real comic will appear prolly Thanksgiving week, so this failure will remain here until then...

Did I mention I hate you?


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