Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Hipsters have such brave soles, because they aren't getting any circulation.

[Update: final art at top]

Zero Like Me #46
"Blight College Years Pt.3 - Hips"
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Easter Eggs: Harvard Crest, Yale in panel 1, I's been 2 years since I made this, cut me a break.

Fun Facts: This comic was accomplished thanks to some research with some hipster-infiltrated allies: thanks to Joe S., Claire G. (the inspiration for Nyao's hair, by the way), and Scott H.W.S.

Baa: Hipsters were too easy in 2008, man!

[old text:]

Still busy.

Full update coming soon.
Until then, part one of the Alexis Blight intro story is here, and part two is here.


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