Friday, October 23, 2009


That baby-mama drama has got to stop.

Zero Like Me #44
Zero Romance #7:
Blight College Years Pt.1 -
Blight Fellowship
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Easter Eggs: Harvard Crest, Romance 7 on gate, lyrical homage to Christian Bale's uncensored techno rap.

Fun Facts: Today's setting is the Women's Table area outside BK and SML. Alexis Blight is named first for a girl I met once and second for an old professor I had--woulda been Gilmore, but Blight just sounds scary and powerful and cool; "Gilmore" has that whole Gilmore Girls at Yale connotation, unfortunately.

Baa: I saw Annie Hall for my comedy history class, and it got me right in the mood for this comic.

The Herald's print edition of this comic is excruciatingly white-spacey, so I won't be posting it.

I model some of my designs after real people. Nyao's main hairstyle was designed after a girl from my sitcom-writing class, I even saw and heard her screaming about bladderball (she is loud). Alexis' design is based on a composite of people, one is a current classmate, the other is the real deal.
Speaking of real deals, how about that phony fool, jack kelly? Today's raw fish is February's unused "granpappy," which look-a like-a dis:

And he leaves us begging for less with "photo," which appears after this colon:

BUT WAIT! There's more! Forget that crusty old jack kelly, I discovered the new hotness, a young, strapping lad-tino from Sudamerica, which I believe is hispaniard for "Mexicolumbriazil."

Introducing that fiery dynamo Latino, the one, the only, THE Gerardo Manera premiering his fabulous new series, Kill All Your Friends!

He debuts with a clever contrivance called "Justin," and I just can't wait to see more from this wise Latino.

So welcome to the Removal crew, Gerardo, and welcome to the Herald family.

Now get back in your cage before you taste the back of my hand, which I assure you is spicier than any chalupa you've ever had.


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Jay said...

>_> so are you telling us you have net a Harvard girl... cause if you have i dont think the family would take that to well LOL jk...