Thursday, December 6, 2007


This past Tuesday Yale featured the first of several panels on hate, this episode particularly focused on the history of hate.

I normally wouldn't pay much attention these sorts of events--I really don't think I need to be told that hatred is bad.

But two words got me there before anyone else showed up, sketchpad in tow:

Glenda. Gilmore.

She's a rock star, you really ought to see her in action; absolutely incredible lecturer.
Professor Gilmore is (was, as of today's final lecture) my professor in US history this semester, and she is the most powerful lecturer I've yet heard here at Yale.

So I was quite eager to hear more from her, especially on a topic she so poignantly covered in our actual class when she discussed the atrocities the south committed against its black citizens.

So as I entered the vacant lecture hall, I held the door when I heard footsteps behind me. I turned to offer the door and saw... Professor Gilmore! I was kinda star struck!

Fun Fact: While drawing her, I couldn't help noticing she looks a lot like Mrs. Lang. She even sounds like her.

The drawings are, in order, Professor Ben Kiernan, Professor Gilmore, and Calhoun Master Jonathan Holloway.


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