Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Ben10 (see more of my Ben10 fan art HERE) is my favorite cartoon after Avatar. Why would they taint it with a live action movie? The animated movie was great, and even innovated (save those lame still-frames). But the live action movie was just heartbreaking.

Director Alex Winter promised "no Jar-Jars," at last year's Comic-Con, but the problem wasn't the CGI aliens (although Heatblast's movements were idiotic); it was the humans. Not only did they superfluously divert from the show, but they were poor actors.

And why did they change the aliens' voices? They kept Dee Bradley Baker, so obviously they had a choice.

Anyway, I really feel let down by the live action movie, and can only hope M. Night S. doesn't blunder as badly with Avatar. Maybe that trilogy'll realize just as well as the 20th Century Fox DBZ movie did.


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