Monday, December 3, 2007


In just days, the Yale Record will unveil its "Travel Issue." Relax, they're including art to supplement the written "humor" this time, so you should definitely pick it up!

I got to do two neat things: first--what I've affectionately nicknamed "TokyoPop," but is actually called "Timeline of How Japan Got So Weird." Second--I'll reveal next week.

This first pic is about a face-altering disease that has hit the anime community.

We've also got a bunch of planes...pretty boring, but I'll also explain those next week when the issue comes out!

Here's when Japan's first Pokemon prime minister resigns in disgrace.

Easter Eggs: Not only is his boss-ranking mug a joke about those #1 boss mugs, but also a reference to Pikachu's original pokedex number. Also, his tie's knot is a pokeball!

Fun Fact: I fought to get a Japan-is-Weird piece into the Travel Issue, and they finally green lit it because--surprise!--it's a good idea, although I had something much more random and bizarre in mind. But you get what you can. Nice that I got to draw it.

I have no idea what the finalized piece looks like, but with the Record, you can count on it to be total--well, just cross your fingers.

So that's part one of TokyoPop, Wednesday will have the exciting conclusion.


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