Saturday, December 8, 2007


Snow blankets melt away like Freshman Year.
Like an illusion?

Today was the upperclassmen "Holiday" Dinner.
Wow, I miss Freshman Year.

I was drawing in a corner when JE Master Haller popped up and asked what I could be drawing before he arrived, a humorous reference to my first sketch of him. So to show my own quick(?) wit, here's a post featuring a sketch of him from the fall Culture Draw '07.

He was about to draw the first name for the lottery and I was hoping to be picked early so I could see Pygmalion. But just then he stopped to address the JE mosh pit, "I must warn you, Pygmalion is on the night of the JE Screw." I provided my own translation for the sketch, of course.

Well, I went to see Pygmalion anyway, and it was great.

The morning's beautiful rain begets an afternoon of wet dog fur.


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