Monday, October 12, 2009



Zero Like Me #39: How We Do
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Easter Eggs: Really fun--I'll just give characters' names rather than who they're based on: (L-R) Justin, Arthur, Teddy, Dan, [negligible Calhoun girl], Iceman, Price. "Yale" in Panel 1.

Fun Facts: I proposed a hee-haw-larious (I mean that) script at the Herald but it got killed...but I finally crossed that item off my bucket list with this comic, so how do you like them apples, Herald? Also, I really think highly of everyone in this comic--in the off chance these people stop by, please know I think you all are great and I always get at least a little nervous if I see you walking around!

Baa: The dude on the far left can make you cry, I felt like dirt when I discovered I accidentally made the guy to his right feel bad and I may never feel like I've made it up to him, the guy to his right broke my book when I shared it with him during my graphic novels class but he never said a word about it(!), the guy to his right makes James Bond look like a dork, the guy to his right is just the kind of guy I'd want to lead me into battle, the guy to his right is probably neat but I've never really seen him before--I just wanted to let him get some revenge on Zero.

Also, I saw Stiles win bladderball! Who woulda thought? Also, also: does Calhoun even have students? What's up with that?

Final art coming soon,


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