Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's like de ja vu all over again.

Zero Like Me #40: You Got Me (Best Friends)
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Easter Eggs:"Yale" in panel 1, throwback to ZLM number one.

Fun Facts: ZLM first saw print 365 days ago! So in honor of the occasion, we're set back at JE, but rather than contemplating jumping, Z is now concerned, somewhat, about someone other than himself.

Baa: Birthday Blah details are here. But in reflecting on the year, as much as I hate giving names (skip this mushy part), I have to thank Ruth for encouraging me to go for YDN comics, Charles for actually getting me going (with SLS), Bonner and Kirk for making me feel like less of a loser, and last but never least, Reed for being an excellent editor slash human being--I threw a small party in my head the two times he admitted he actually liked at least two of them!

ZLM has been increasingly consuming my life, but I hope to continue playing Pagliacci for anyone who would give me the chance. You know that you got me.


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