Wednesday, October 14, 2009


In honor of the one year Birthday Blah of Zero Like Me, I'm doing some special and weird things.

First, I randomly found this cute little paper puppet pal dealio, and decided to try it out, despite not having any time to spare.

I would strongly recommend using an art knife--one of those thin, pen-like knives--since scissors are actually quite cumbersome.

To make the thing at left, I cleaned up a template for another model, and then flipped the paper over so only white canvas shows. The plain template, which I found and cleaned up from here, is right below.

So, secondly, I used to give away spare Monster energy drinks last year, but since we lost our Law School swipes, I don't really have Monster to burn, but I do have Uncommon root beer stockpiled. So if you would like, please pick up a bottle (just one, to be fair), which I will hide near the JE Nagging Table some time before 5pm, just outside of the dining hall. My parents also left me cranberry juice, which I am eager to give away, too.

Ok. I hope today goes well.


1 comment:

Jay said...

you need to bring me one of those when you come home xD!