Friday, October 9, 2009


The finger trick only works when Nyao does it.

Zero Like Me #38
Zero Romance #5:
Samu Old Story
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Easter Eggs: Romance 5 in panel number 5. Zero's shirt reads さむっ, which I randomly learned means "that’s not funny; it leaves you so cold you shiver."

Fun Facts: I was planning on running a totally different comic for Parents' Weekend, but at the last minute I went with this idea, which I had like the night before deadline, so I'm not so sure if it hits the mark. The original idea could exist outside of Parents' Weekend, so I've slated it for later. Today's setting is the OC, around Lanman-Wright, or "L-Dub" as the kids call it.

Baa: This has been the most successful Parents' Weekend ever so far! It's gone incredibly smoothly, and I'm currently enjoying the use of some new headphones my mom got me after my old ones' packing tape clearly wasn't keeping them from crumbling apart anymore.

I hate spending money on stuff that can be salvaged, but gotta admit these are pretty cool. And they were cheap too.

In other Zero Like Me news, next Wednesday is the big day! One year to the day I made my first friends at Yale.

We don't have Law School swipes anymore, but fortunately Uncommon has some excellent Root Beer I've been stockpiling for a giveaway event akin to the old Monster giveaways from last year. I discovered something pretty neat I want to try, too. Pretty excited, man, a whole year...

At right is the "skeleton" draft, where it's pure outlines so I can get an idea of where everything goes. I'm swapping the "MO" tag for the full "Making Of," so that tag, as always, just means the post contains different phases of production. I always find it neat to open them in different tabs, and the flip between them fast to see the linework come to life.

Other things I'm excited for: new MCRMCS coming soon! I think I may be more eager to see what JP 'n' more gone done over my official favorite band, but we'll see. Both bands are undefeated in my eyes, so I'm scared a dud is due!

Speaking of duds...jack kelly's back for some reason.

That was "bicyle," which looks like it as drawn while riding one. That black and yellow ogre also presents "finaid" for you, and it looks like this:

So...yeah. Wednesday is when it all goes down. It's like there's a party in my mouth and nobody's invited.


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Jay said...

some one is harboring some deep seeded issues about somethings in there life...