Wednesday, April 15, 2009


[Update: Final Art]

If anyone ever pulls this on you, you're obligated by law to sing along or forever be deemed a sucka.

Zero Like Me #19: Vanilla
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-First Comic-

Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 3, Calvin and Hobbes' dance moves in panel 4, callback to the series premiere as we wind down for the year. TSGA, GCGG, RM.

Fun Facts: Nyao can speak perfect English if she's quoting something, and she's not really angry unless her top ears pull back. Quite rare, I drew this in just one day (homework + a takehome screwed up my schedule) and had to cut corners to make the deadline, so the final version will appear soon.

And now I know what happens when I draw from rap instead of rock. In a related story, I cannot wait for SPRING FLING! It's going to be incredible, but for some reason they've decided to host it at Stiles...

Also, in an effort to be more social, please enjoy the new segment called "Baa."

Baa: I will again be dumping my stash of Monster at the JE Dining Hall's nagging table this Saturday, so pick one up if you need it.

Final draft soon,


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