Friday, April 24, 2009


Last Crash: Smalltown girl Bee Farnam throws down.

In conclusion, never assume.

Monsta Crash #13: GoingHome
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Easter Eggs: Crash XIII bottom left panel. "JE"-shaped Monsta legs. Frasier's skyline. ZLM in the last panel's forest.

Fun Facts: I was so deliriously tired while drawing this one (hallucinations and shaking!), but after leaving the Herald office, I felt like jumping around; I couldn't stop smiling at the very fact that it's all over--I even let out an idiotic scream. Of course I still had a paper to finish in a few hours.

Thanks: JE, Variante, Invader Zim, Endling, Miyazaki, Joe & Andrew.

Baa: I don't drink, but I'm basically "drunk" every Friday morning after Heralding--I'm so exhausted (likely coming off of an energy drink), and giddy for finishing a comic, that I drop my guard and loosen up as I head over to Commons for my pre-nap/wrap-party breakfast.

So this series was alternatively fun and dreadfully boring to write and draw, but if I Herald regularly next year, I've got an idea that will rock, guaranteed. After two years doing this--FIFTY FIVE Herald comics later (82 total proper YDN/Herald pieces!)--I think I've finally cracked it. As much as I want to push for fuller narrative in the Herald, episodic is the way to go. I'm thinking of calling the next series Fishcarrots.

Well, thanks for visiting. I hope you'll check back over the summer. Also, check the JE basement stairway this Saturday for another Monster giveaway, just in time for reading week.


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Anonymous said...

I will ALWAYS look forward to reading your blog every Monday, Wenesday and Friday, should you continue over the summer. Thank you for all your wonderful insight and amazing drawings. :)