Wednesday, April 8, 2009


He didn't inhale.

Zero Like Me #18: Taboocco
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Easter Eggs: Pretty clouds blowing brains out, "Yale" in clouds, LGFUAD, TFFMO.

Fun Facts: This was scripted a hecka long time ago, but it's pretty appropriate now. Happy room draw, everybuddy!

This one goes out to JE, without which this series would not be possible. Haha. This one also goes out to all you smokers, of course. Please quit.

Words can't express how much I hate smoking. Ugh...I'm getting all tense just thinking about it...ugh, I need a smoke.


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Dan said...

Awesome stuff as usual reuxben! Saw you were looking for some comic artists/writers for a summer collab? Want some help finding people? I'd be happy to advertise that need via TCBN if you're interested, just lmk! Email me [dan at thecollegeblognetwork dot com]