Friday, December 17, 2010


Pick a fight with the Secret Service while the President gives a speech, it's Sick Little Suicide #22, "The Finger," in which I discover I actually do care about politics, but only when it makes me want to cry.

It's like trying to take a stand on an issue when you don't read.

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Easter Eggs: Pose based on a picture I saw of the Mad Men guy.

Fun Facts: I don't care for politics and that sort of serious stuff, but seeing this story covered by Jon Stewart so infuriated and depressed me that I had to stop other work to do a comic about it. I listen to the show online while I draw, so I caught this Zadroga Bill episode kinda late.

Baa: I would not say it is inaccurate to think that Jon Stewart is to Fox News what I am to my family.

I think Suicides and jack kellys'll stay totally digital from now just kinda makes sense...


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