Friday, September 23, 2011


Discahd the cahd in the Hahvid graveyahd.

Zero Like Me #171:
Het Points


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Brom (one of the eerie-coolest Magic artists), a Scars of Mirrodin Angel (based on a real poster at Sky High Comics), Royal Assassin (one of my favorite cards), a card that is actually made into a poster if I recall correctly, and a somewhat abrasive Yoda painting they actually have hanging up at Sky High. Plus Boston Red Sox. Today's setting is loosely based on Sky High Comics, my old comics shop, and the punchline is inspired by Bill Burr.

Fun Facts: Today's the first fresh comic in a while, but it's also my first one without hand-lettering or hand-bubbling. It's a frightening change...we'll see how it goes. By the way, if this comic's script sounds familiar, it's cuz maybe it is. Suck it, jack kelly (this comic was commissioned by the new Yale Record alumni initiative).

Continuity wise, we're jumping ahead about a year after Z graduated. It'll become clearer in the next comic. Granted these details are more for my own benefit than anything, but there it is for the record.

Baa: This'll always be a special comic to me cuz I started working on it in the USA, and finished it in Japan. On my last night in California I just worked on this after all the packing ceased. Apparently I was supposed to be soaking in my last bits of Americana, but all I could think or want to do was just to sit in my room and work on my art. What else is there? Reality shows? Discordant humans in petty squabbles that refresh daily if not more frequently? Art is the best friend you could have. I don't know how you normal people do it. Art is an excellent time sink, but also an excellent security blanket, and an excellent secret bunker.

So there.


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