Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Some more homework sketches today. Up first is a Harry Potter for someone who wrote something about liking Harry Potter or something. All I remember is that there was a red colored pencil nearby and I wanted to try it with the usual red pen I draw Homework Sketches with. Although it's branded as red, it makes a nice white-people color. What do you call that color? Peach? Peachy.

It's amusingly frightening how frank English-learning kids are in their compositions. This kid wrote about why he wants to move to the big city: he likes young girls and he cannot lie. Sanji from One Piece can relate.

I believe I drew this guy because the person wrote quite eloquently in their composition. Or at least they mixed it up from the other students' usual copy-and-paste writing tactics. Or I just wanted to draw a surprised guy. I can't remember.

Also, WOW: I just exhaled deeply and breathed out mist! We don't have insulated houses here in Japan, so that gives you an idea of how cold it's getting. I'm currently wearing two socks, four pants, four shirts, a beanie, and a hood-up sweatshirt. And it's only getting colder, Gir.



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