Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Here are some recent sketches I did on some jKids' homework, or, "homework sketches," for short.

Going clockwise, on an assignment about what family rules the kids'd make when they get older, one kid basically wants his kids never to sleep. Next, a kid named Torii gets a torii. Clever, right?

A kid wrote about a famous guy named Miyazaki Hayao. You've probably never heard of him, no big deal. One kid, who's always falling asleep in class, wrote about wanting to make a friend in high school so she could have someone to talk anime with. So she gets some famous emblems of anime, including a nod to her favorite show, plus a big ol' robot. Their English is limited, so I wonder if that means she doesn't have any friends at present! jTears.

Starting our clockwise ascension, we've got a doodle commiserating with a kid who says he sucks at basketball. Then a kid who's family rules will include the stipulation that his children are never to play tennis indoors. Good to know.

And finally we end with a kid who wants to join a famous soccer club in Spain. Really cool aspiration. Never give up on your dreams.


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