Friday, February 24, 2012


What did I tell you about having self-esteem, loser?

Zero Like Me #179:
Everyone's a VIP to Someone


Easter Eggs: "Yale" in panel 1. Today's setting is Fukui-shi, in Japan. Today's guest star is Umezawa (last name) Azami (first name), humorless Japanese Teacher of English, Assistant-Language-Teacher Supervisor, and English Section Head. Today's title is a reference to an old classmate's stellar band's song of the same name (see and hear more Great Caesar here). Umezawa's costume is inspired by a design I saw on DA.

Fun Facts: Umezawa-sensei is yet another antagonist for Zero. She is icy and irritable yet she still heralds the undying Japanese devotion to cute and non-sequitor, for instance today she is wearing a silly outfit including a ridiculously happy hair clip that has nothing to do with her mood.

Baa: For the record, none of what's going on this "season" is intended to depict actual people, events, etc. Ya know?

Yeah....Ya know.


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