Wednesday, February 8, 2012


These are some homework sketch-jams I kinda-sorta did with some students. The left is a sketch a kid drew for me (haha!) and my response. Please note their original version, before they turned in their papers, featured no underpants...

Next at center is a "famous Japanese picture." as the student wrote me, consisting of various Japanese hiragana and katakana characters: he, no, mo, and ji. Inspired by their initiative, I accessorized their drawing.

Finally, I notice a few students like to doodle on their papers (and desks!) and then promptly erase them before authority figures can spot them. But if the drawing is still legible after the erasure, I try to ink it. So that's a kid's drawing, inked by me. They sometimes randomly end their compositions with "thank you" because they get graded on the raw number of sentences they write. Cheaters.


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