Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This is the thrilling pen I was using for Inktober 2014. This was also one of the first pieces I did with it. I'm not entirely sold on them, but I do love the feel of the G-Pen, and I imagine it could be a main weapon given more practice and comfort. For now, I feel a little shaky or just like I'm forced into uncomfortable or unnatural strokes, but that might be due to not having much space to maneuver my drawing surface. I also have that constant nagging worry I'm going to smear the just-dropped ink (no nightmare scenarios yet, though).

I drew this in my smaller "mobile" sketchbook and the ink works well with such sturdy paper, but as I would later learn, it would be a bit harsher on my softer desk-sketchpad paper.

This girl looks like someone who'd be working at the Yale Herald, hence the name.



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