Friday, July 5, 2013


This was our third Hareruya comic for our Fear series. This was in the grey audition piece area. It's been so long, I don't exactly remember what the situation was, but I believe I wanted to see if we could churn one out on a timely theme again, this time about the impending retirement of MTGO V3 and the horrific status the website was in and still is in now as of this writing (4/7/15).

This is what the raw inks looked like.

Fun Facts: The game state is actually taken from the match in question. Some obnoxious guy was playing all his cards upside down in an exceedingly cute way that assumes his opponent has no knowledge of the game to meet him in a feature match, so he is helpfully letting the opponent so freely access the information his cards coyly protect when viewed from traditional angles.

Here are the pencils.

Not to give his opponent a pass, she was playing with lands in front as well, though with the traditional degree of dirtbaggery that doesn't involve 180 degree card flips of help to no one and which no one asked for. So they should all be DCI-banned, is what I'm saying.

Easter Eggs:Tragic Slip.

Anyway, this one also didn't end up making print as they were still pondering how to implement comics, I believe...wasn't kept entirely in the loop.


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