Friday, May 2, 2014


And our final Hareruya player card, this one for Kenji Tsumura.

Fun Facts: He's famous for the card Cruel Ultimatum, it seems (wasn't really plugged in during Alara block cuz college), so they asked to put him in that card. I met him at the Born of the Gods prerelease, but he didn't know I was the guy who did the piece. We were formally introduced later.

Here's the background. See also inks and pencils.

In case you want to know how I did against him, I tried to target his hydra with Retraction Helix, he kindly indicated that's probably not wise, I tried targeting my own guy, he kindly indicated that's probably not wise, I waited until next turn for the summoning sickness to wear off. Long story short, he won.

Easter Eggs: Chicken drumstick and McDonald's fries.




Lana Slaybell said...

His hair is like Kaneki's from Tokyo Ghoul! Love it! ❤

Reuxben said...

Cool, I was unfamiliar with that series, but it looks pretty sweet from what I hear--and the resemblance is uncanny! I was actually working from photos on this, but he does have a bit of an anime/manga flavor to his style in person.