Monday, January 5, 2015


This was the cover image of that old file I found the other day. I believe it was originally for some worksheet I made, and then I mashed them all together for some new game.

Out of curiosity about whether I'd posted all of these images, I went crawling around the Removal many memories in the old art I came across. I don't take photos of myself (aside from like references for hands and stuff), and I haven't really taken photos of people since everything is wrapped up in these old drawings I've posted on this site over the years--we're closing in on ten years, aren't we? I saw this one, for instance and felt so strange...nostalgic, sad, I dunno.

I'd say I have difficulty being warm verbally. But I express my love for people with art. Just seeing old posts, and all the hidden meaning behind the art I can't express otherwise. Seeing people happy through my art. Making people happy through my art.

There is no other purpose.



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