Monday, July 30, 2012


We've got a mini design challenge on our hands. The mission: I must have ten 5x10cm quasi-business cards to introduce myself to 10 Japanese people at an upcoming event. They suggested that besides listing my name and 4 things I like, I might include a little drawing on the card. So with these parameters in mind, I set out to make my introduction card.

Rather than make 1 design and copy it 10 times, I decided to make 10 and copy them 0 times.

So on each 5x10 is my name plus four things I like chosen from the categories color, place, food, drink, club, or season. And squared away on the remaining space is a little illustration of one of those likes. This post's categories were food, place, and color.

Miiiight ink these...we'll see.


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