Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Here is our final homework sketches for the school term!  The jKids have been hard(ly) at work these past few summer months, and come next week, we're finally on summer break for a couple weeks!  You should see how much they freak out when I tell them in the US we get 2-3months off!

Anyway, here we go.  First we have a girl for a guy who wishes he had a girlfriend(!).  Next is an quick little illustration after a jKid hipped me to Nichijou. We've got some Mickeys I drew and modded for a worksheet.

Then we've got a hamburger for a student who asked me to draw something for her but didn't specify what (as well as a squirrel thing for a similar unspecified request).  Then we've got Buchyake from Duel Masters Victory V.  We've also got an Anorith and Chikorita for a jPokeFan and a bananamod from that same Mickey worksheet.  They're bananas talking about Duel Masters...ya know, like they do.

Finally the anime-y dudes in the set are the teacher from GTO, Great Teacher Onizuka, which has been making the rounds amongst the jKids since its dorama recently launched.  I drew from the manga, though, cuz believe it or not, I'm not great with likenesses and I don't really enjoy drawing real people anyway.

Oh gosh, it's getting sweaty here in Japan...


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