Friday, July 27, 2012


This is a Homework Sketch I did to wrap my blue period.  It's of Radwimps' Yojiro Noda.  you don't know what 3/5 of the last sentence's words mean and that's a shame.

Speaking of some rock you may not be familiar with, in the latest episode of Let's Japan, we've got an extended cut of one of The Ivy League's songs, "Burn it Up Baby," see if you can spot it here amidst the gooey treats and socially abominable trading card game:

The great Ivy League was helmed by Adrian Simon, who has unfortunately gone on hiatus from his site.

So Simon says.



Fedor Tatarkin said...

Looks like White Falcon. Does he own it?
About words - yeah I know this feeling very well, though after listening and watching lots of japanese stuff, and repeating this band countless times in particular, I'm starting to feel that most of the lyrics I understand :D I'd say 12/20. ahahah
Awesome face expression :D

Fedor Tatarkin said...

I'm stealing this one :3