Friday, January 23, 2015


Alrighty, live from our cheapo 7-11 grid pocket sketchbook, a little Alexis Blight, with neato eyebrows, caked with as many artistic doohickies I could jam onto the paper, including Copics and my lame-o white out.

An appeal of the cheapie stuff is that it makes you less afraid of ruining a piece and just think, "Meh, let's see what happens," which I feel is something I need to be less precious about art. Drawing live in pen also ironically helps embolden you. Just make a choice and deal with it. Go with it. Think about it if you want, but just do it. You idiot.

So I just went with a risky move I felt wouldn't be correct--adding a much lighter color tint on top of the generally finished base, and well, I messed it up, so I had to coat everything over with the color to smooth out the color-warping.

Still not a Copic scientist after all these years but at least at this point I knew in my gut that color layer was a bad idea. But meh, wanted to see what would happen.



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