Monday, May 16, 2016


A live-ink sketch of digi-rocker Scott Howell from Bright White Lightning, from their Looking Glass vidjo.

I super-seldom ever left campus during college, but I remember I got to go see him and his old band perform at a local(ish) club called The Space once or twice, and it was good times. I got to ride a car there and everything. By "and everything," I mean that's it, there was no winged pegasus or anything after the car. I don't know why I wrote that part. Just to fill the rhythm of the sentence, I guess.

But the car part, that's notable because I was rarely in cars all throughout college, even so today, though I've actually driven longer in Japan than I did in the US. But I haven't needed a car for years, and if I ever need to cover a long distance, the train usually does fine. So basically, it's a little weird being in a car, even worse because I still panic about which is the "right" side of the road. Plus since I scarcely see movies, I tend to freak out whenever I see video from inside Western cars, cuz I start thinking they're going to crash! And after all this time without a car, I remember one night I had to take a taxi and I actually found it pretty jarring: you mean just like that, this personal mini-train takes you and only you just where you wish to go? What luxury.

Howell was the first person I recall to describe New York as a "walking town," which didn't really register with me as a Californian, but now makes sense here in Japan. A lot of things in Japan don't make sense. For instance, Digirockermon sounds like a Digimon, but it isn't, I checked.


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