Friday, July 8, 2016


This is from a study session of stills from a movie trailer. I don't normally watch trailers, let alone movies, but I heard Radwimps was doing the soundtrack to an animu so I had to give it look.

To save focus during the week, I've been pre-posting a week in advance, hence the "12:01 am" publish times. So I'm hoping the emotion behind the coloring/design is alien to me by the time this goes live.

I'm hoping I don't even remember/understand what I'm talking about right now. But part of me never wants to forget these kinds of emotions because they fuel me.

Ah. Friday's our "big" update day, so might as well post a few more from the session. The through-line was that I wanted one red-tone in otherwise totally BW, landscape-oriented images, with limited hatching after the first image. Oddly enough this very topic came up recently...

I heard LeSean Thomas studied the first and last moments from movies like the 5th element to study composition, so I figured a similar approach might be helpful here. I only own two movies (Iron Giant and a Bill Burr stand-up special), so that might be a cool study opportunity.

This was the shot that started it. I saw this frame and wanted to capture that moment. Then I thought of LeSean's study and scoured the trailer for more interesting frames.


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