Monday, July 25, 2016


I live-inked this with a fudepen, so no pencils, just straight to pen, and a pen I'm not even super used to controlling, to boot. It was quite intimidating. It's a mash-up of Team Rocket (Jessie, obv.) fan art and that famous Adam Hughes Catwoman cover where Catwoman looks all beat up and just taken-in from the rain into a police line-up. The serial number is Adam Hughes's number divided by two, since this is half his concept. "Hughes's Number" sounds like a physics constant or something, by the way.

I did think about just saving the hassle of the text and just doing it in post, but in the end, the point of this was to do something difficult, and besides, I thought live-inking the text a great opportunity to up the challenge just a little more. I did end up adjusting the it a little in Photoshop, but that felt fair since I had first completed the original task. I am torn between the "image as created" vs "image as intended" camps, but I know that in reality, the latter is what's truly important--the final image, not what things started

Finally, on a related note, you can find a fascinating interview with Adam Hughes where he talks about the original piece on Sidebar Podcast, which presently has but an incomprehensibly scarce few of their massive collection of interviews posted to their youtube channel, though unfortunately they seem to have taken down their site...


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