Monday, September 12, 2016


Just got back from GP Kyoto, where I met the great Algenpfleger!

I was working on a special upcoming piece after each day of the event, so not much time to finish smaller pieces, hence all the teaser/study bits on Twitter rather than actual finished stuff. But I did manage to color up some old lines to kill time before the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) home.

Bonus blingy version.

I can't believe it, but I lost my Shinkansen tickets TWICE--first on the way to Kyoto, then again on the way back, except on the return, I also lost my WALLET! because I thought, well, this time I'll put the travel slip in my wallet since I never, ever, ever, ever lose my wallet...

Bonus Twitter version.

I can't remember ever losing tickets before in my life, let alone my wallet, and to get the double whammy...I got the wallet back just fine because it's Japan, but still, that could have gone extremely poorly. I was already using a note to travel rather than actual tickets because I forgot my train tickets in the Bullet Train from Tokyo, so the staff had to confirm my tickets were in the seat-back pouch I detailed, and then they made up a little doctor's note for me to use as proxy tickets for the rest of the trip.

Bonus teaser collection.

The event itself was great--I even met a couple people who remembered me from past events!

And of course, Algenpfleger is simply the best; I am humbled he puts up with me.


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