Wednesday, October 12, 2016


MTGinktober rolls on with "Broken" for Day 9, so I thought I'd draw some kind of artifact creature. Kev Walker's Patagia Golem was one of the very first card arts that I just loved, so I knew I wanted to depict a soft/delicate artifact creature. Another one of my favorite card arts from my early Magic days was Chippy's Beast of Burden because of how quiet it was, plus I loved the contrast of the loyal, huge machine versus the somber, little girl, so I thought I'd draw the pair's potential future.

A little girl and her artifact friend were inseparable, but one day they got ambushed. The girl defended her young robot friend as best she could, prepared to fight to the death, but the attack was so severe it ignited her spark! She had become a Planeswalker at that very moment and got flung to some far-off world she could not name. She trained for years, honing every skill she could, until she was finally able to planeswalk back home. When she at last returned, she immediately began searching for her old, robot friend. And then she found her friend. Broken. She collapsed, and they were unified in uselessness.

Easter Eggs: There's a little Planeswalker logo on her outfit, which itself is modeled after her younger version's getup.

Next, for Day 10, we have "Jump." I don't know the daily themes ahead of time (so I draw day-of for maximum excitement), and I had been wanting to draw an action scene for a few days now, so I found some posing reference and drew Nahiri jumping over an artmage...I mean archmage.

The archmage's hood was modeled after Jace's, but I refuse to draw that dude, so I went with some sakura leaves, angel feathers, and some kind of Germanic eagle logo dealio.


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