Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Here's another batch of Inktobers for MTGinktober. This one is Vraska, who they say collects victims as statues, so I thought this a good fit for the Jake-Parker-endorsed "collect" theme, rather than something a little more on-the-nose.

So this is sort of her eagerly adding to her collection with one sap frozen mid-charge while the other chump is blocked mid-morph.

Easter Eggs: The guy crying is a ref to Killing Glare.

This one was fun because it just had room for subtle background elements like the mushrooms and vines, plus inking Vraska's outfit was also an exciting mix of improv and planning.

This is a riff on a funny outtake from a past Magic event, where Ben Stark and Tom Martell were on coverage. Ben S. thought he was off-camera so he went in for some Chipotle, but Tom swiftly indicated that they were still live!

The day's theme was "hungry," by the way. I did think about doing something with like Garruk or Domri going Luffy on some meat or something, but that felt too "easy," so although the final piece might be a little too inside, I'm happy I went with the final direction.

I find researching pieces to be pretty fun, and this one involved some nice sleuthing to put together the references. I abandoned an initial draft based strictly on the GIF linked above because it was just too grainy to get any clear detail, so I just winged it a little and moved the camera angle. I finished Tom in that one before realizing that version was going nowhere and besides, using such poor reference is agony.


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