Monday, October 3, 2016


I'm doing Inktober again this year, this'll be my 3rd year. I learned that the creator of Inktober is actually Jake Parker, so I thought I'd use his prompt list this time, combo'd with tying it into Magic somehow, so "MTGinktober," if you will.

So for instance, this is Venser, the blue white planeswalker, for Day 1, "Fast." He looks like Tasteless, Day9's brother, kinda, by the way. Anyway, since Venser teleports, that's like super speed, assuming you arrive at the desired location any faster than it would normally take...

To keep each prompt a surprise for me for each day-of reveal, I saved the list to a PSD file with each theme hidden behind a layer of black, so each day I delete that day's portion of the black sheet. Clever. Anyway, I wasn't sure if we'd just be doing planeswalkers all month, but I was surprised to find there's actually not too many PWs floating around...

This is my take on one of my favorite card arts, Screeching Skaab, by Clint Cearley for Day 2, "Noisy." I loved how surprising and arresting it was when I first saw it, and it still gets you.

Working on this piece reminded me of working on the Penny Dreadful, so satisfying working with ink. Using the G-Pen for the main lines, and then detailing and rendering in Sakura microns.

Not sure how in-depth I want to go with these, though...feel like simple character shots are kinda played out, wanna try scenes. Just lines? Copics, too? So many Qs to A.


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