Monday, October 17, 2016


Onward ambles MTGinktober with Day 13's "Scared," starring Liliana Vess, terrified at a wonderful, wonderful world. I was pretty pumped to do this one, as I enjoy drawing these more unsettling emotions.

This piece took a ton of reference, including having to pose myself into my bigger mirror (my smaller mirror usually handles most reference). The boots were intimidating, but ended up being a lot simpler than I had thought they would be. I was surprised to find they only have half of the ring shoelace port things, though.

Easter Eggs: Kev Walker's Cavalry Pegasus in kawaii mode.

I had a couple of rejected poses I was working with, and I initially wanted to play it straight horror, with like blood dripping from the top of the piece or something, but then I thought it'd be funny if she were horrified by pleasant things. So there's hearts and stuff everywhere. I'm not a MTG lore scientist, so I don't know if actual scary things scare her, but I've decided to take liberties with these characters myself, such as the assumption that Nissa's bad with directions.

Next, for Day 14 "Tree," after such an intense run with Liliana, I was (and am) pretty tired, so I needed a little bit of a break, and thought I'd try something more minimalistic. I wanted the tree to dominate over any figures involved, so I was thinking I'd need tiny characters and negative space. That meant an excellent chance to try something like Jock's incredible cityscapes, but in a forest, using Algenpfleger's flying-dust sketch technique to help inform the void.

I initially wanted to draw Mina and Denn sorta recklessly hand-standing on top of a lone tree, but I was really feeling the tiredness and opted to just go with Selvala hanging out like Spiler-Mayne. That Tyler Jacobson art is just killer and I was happy to get to take a stab at his design.


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