Friday, October 28, 2016


This was our MTGinktober for Day 23's "Slow," starring Meandering Towershell as a young pup! He's hanging out in a Tasigur-style fruit bowl.

This is the version I posted to Twitter, but I knew I wanted to go all out on the zombie as well, so I gave it a little more juice for Removal. I used a fudepen for the back lighting, by the way, and it really shows off the texture of the paper I'm using.

This is the version I posted to Instagram. When I started Inktober, I thought Twitter would get the "early edition" and Instagram would get the more polished version, but it turned out to go the other way since I have Instagram on east coast time, and Twitter on the west.

This piece is also a nice demo of my theory that study is more interesting when there's something directly fruitful--this is essentially a still life drill, but since it has a point, it is an illustration that calls for such a still life composition, it feels interesting to me and I have true desire to study and execute it. But if it's just drawing fruit just to draw fruit...what's the point?

And here's our Day 24 for "One Dozen," starring Tibor and Lumia, dining on presumably so many donuts. This cafe/diner is where Tibor first met Lumia--she was on her way to drop off her final paper and stopped by for a quick pre-celebration donut, but her order got mixed up with Tibor's who was doing the same. The place was crowded that day, so the had to split this booth. They ended up chatting about school, and eventually giving a mock thesis defense to each other after discovering they were in the same department, but then they both missed their delivery deadlines! They had to sneak into the department after hours by jiggering with the security system, but they safely got their work into Chair's all-important, un-monitored dropbox. And the rest is history. So they eat here every "Donut Day." It's not their real anniversary, but they remember the date because they had to present their theses at their respective departments at a major symposium that Saturday. They celebrate their anniversary as normal married couples do, but always come back to this diner on Donut Day and split an order of donuts equal to how long they've been married. This year Tibor ordered one dozen donuts.

Tibor triumphantly came back to their favorite booth with the box of donuts, pretending as if he had slain a great beast for his lady and was bringing back spoils from the hunt. "Feast, my dear, on the warm, doughy, sugary innards of yon felled beeste!" Lumia wasn't even giggling; she's usually the one leading the conversation, goofing around, and teasing her geezer husband about his age. She'd been low-energy for the past few months, actually. Tibor was hoping Donut Day would be a sort of pick-me-up for her. He tried stuffing his face with donuts like a child to cheer her up, playing up how old he felt, and how she never seemed to age, how she seemed to retain and multiply every ounce of brilliance she had from the day they met. But she was lost in thought, staring at her uneaten donut. She loved sugar donuts.

"Lumi, there's starving kids in Kamigawa that would want that donut, hey? And you don't eat that, you don't get any dessert, little girl--and dessert's more donuts!"
"Tibby...Tibor...I...I want a divorce."
"Uh, you'll have to forgive me, my child, in my old age, me ears ain't so good, I--"
"Tibor, I...I'm not joking...I don't...I don't love you anymore."

One dozen donuts seems like a lot, but you'll also notice a lot of holes accumulated in the bounty, too.


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