Monday, February 20, 2017


Conan put out a call for Mexicanny fan art for his Made in Mexico special, so I wanted to give it a try since I am a Mexicanny fan/artist.

I couldn't decide on a final between the takes, but I favor this pair because it has my go-to lovely purples, referencing how his old Late Night art bumpers tended to use these darker colors.

This is the more high-concept version I went with originally, featuring sorta shadow echoes.

I'm not a total Mexican't, I consider myself more of an indifferent "Mehxican," but I do like the skull imagery of my culture, which goes great with Conan's famously stringy figure, so that's where this concept started.

Since I had three main elements going, I thought I'd try a version calling back to the Mexican flag.

As much as I hate the color red, I kinda like the red Conan.

And then here's the super bare-bones version.

This design thread came after hours and hours of failed alternative efforts, but glad we finally got there...

Not normal,


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