Wednesday, February 22, 2017


I wanted to draw something for catday, after noticing there is such a day in Japan, owing to, of course, a pun based on how you can choose to pronounce the date in Japanese dakara neko no hi.

I was going to draw Nyao, but then thought, meh, why not try something I normally would avoid, and give some BTAS fan art a shot?

So here's Catwoman, Batman: The Animated Series era.

I used a photo I took in Shinjuku as reference for our little Gotham analog, and I studied Jock covers for managing the more designy presentation, including the bold use of negative space.

I also tried mixing my brushes, so I based it all in Steve Ahn's Ultimate Brush, but used the KNKL softbrush to color Catwoman, and gave the pen tool a try to get the whip to curve like that.

Not sure how successful this was, but maybe-possibly learned a little doing this.

Not normal,


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