Friday, February 10, 2017


Throw it up, it's Sick Little Suicide #31, "3-Ohhh," in which we stack up the score.

Fun Facts: This drawing came from a hands study session, wherein I had a hunch I'd need this gesture at some point. I've hated the sheer stupidity of that gesture for as long as I've noticed him using it. How does making a delicate little seamstress-pinch gesture add power to a speech? Slice the air, thrust palms, point authoritatively, do anything but mime Betsy Ross to make your point.

I also hate how people like Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah have starting using it, which I only imagine comes from that principle of unconsciously mirroring body language of people you have to study. It's still annoying to see, though, since I go out of my way to avoid ever looking at that orange garbage bag.

For a while now, I've been thinking how to use that idiot's overused gesture against him--like it's a helpful hint he offers to remind us how much whatever he happens to be talking about is worth--but here, I noticed it helpfully gives the verdict his Muslim ban's denial received.

So now he will see to it that he constantly reminds himself and us of that score whenever he thinks he's emphasizing a point. 3-0. That's what happens when you try your idiocy in court where only the truth counts, you disgusting, lumpy turd.

Not normal,


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