Monday, June 12, 2017


Ok, here's an experimental one. Originally there was going to be a giant dragony creature in there with like a house/factory on or built into its back, but then, curveball, I thought to try alieny/sci-fi-y text. You can see some of its shadow in the center there, that darker brown.

This started as just an effort again, to avoid using water, as I feel it's a crutch I lean on when drawing landscapes. The total opposite of the ocean might be a desert, so I went with something sandy.

The text was originally going to be some sci-fi-ish light-based structure come from the sands, and then, again, to spur innovation, I rotated the structures, it looked like text, so I went from there. The structures made of light might have been inspired by Lost in Arcadia, a book I was reading by my old classmate, which opens early on with a similar concept.

The smaller text is just more manipulations of the larger text, chopped up and rearranged. Since the image was going to be a bit overshadowed by the text, I got to experiment with some different layer styles, like a radial motion layer set to overlay or something like that.

Not normal,


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